Warsaw, Poland - Day Nine - Went Back To City Church Warsaw - Then Went to A Person From the Church's House

Day 9 Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland I went back to City Church Warsaw this morning. Here's my view on my way to church. They meet on the 5th floor of a highrise!
This was my church service!
I'm on my way to the speaker this morning's house. We are having potluck at his house. I was allowed to come even though this was only my second time here!
Day 9 Part 2 Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland after I went to City Church Warsaw for my second time. There was a potluck at the guy that spoke house. He's from Nigeria his wife was very friendly and hospitable. It was on the Southside of Warsaw about 20 minutes from my place and the church. Got to see new areas of Warsaw as I rode in a Tesla. The house I spent the day at would be a million dollar house in the USA. We had ping pong, volleyball, badminton and soccer and awesome food. I was there all afternoon 7 or 8 hours.
I got to Give words and minister to people and at the end of the night I was telling a guy from Zimbabwe what was going on at colleges in the USA not just the protests but putting the American flags back up and the revivals and the baptisms. I shared with him I felt the great awakening and revival was not just hitting the USA but Europe and I've been hearing this from prophets too. What Satan tried to do with covid and using the deep state woke people up.
He goes let me show you something. He said he wrote this word down on his phone 3 days ago. That college students are going to be protesting in vain but are waking up and will impact nations. He said I was meant to share that with him then he started giving me words about my calling and why I'm in Europe and the Holy Spirit shot through his hand. I was laughing and the joy of the Lord was on me.
Some of my new friends from City Church Warsaw. This church is truly international. English speaking. Young lady is from Philippines, young man is from Rwanda! Other picture guy is from Nigeria, Other guy from Ghana other guy from Zimbabwe.
People from USA, South Africa, India, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Poland, Latvia, etc. that's all I can remember from people I hung out with today.
And I haven't even met the actual pastor and his wife yet. They're from the USA and will be back next week!
When my new friends dropped me off at 9:30pm they said they walked at 11pm and 3am to work sonetimes in the past and never felt unsafe, that Warsaw is one of the safest cities in Europe!
I've only been here 9 days and made new friends.
People have asked even today why I'm in Poland. My easy answer is because the Lord called me. But the long answer is a few reasons.
I was praying and the Lord was telling me to come to Europe and minister. Meet pastors and ministers and start a podcast similar to ElijahStreams in Europe where I interview pastors and ministers what the Lord is doing and saying and how God is working in their ministry.
But also as I go into cafes and restaurants wherever the Lord leads and share the gospel. And bring the Good News wherever I go.
Ever since my 20s I've wanted to see every country in Europe so travel and fulfill that dream. Run a travel and food blog too.
Also when my girlfriend from Ukraine comes back from Ukraine visiting her dying grandmother she can come to me and join me on this adventure and I have companionship every day.
I got words from people that didn't even know me telling me that they see me ministering and reaching people in several countries. Like when I visited a church in Alabama in March!
Confirming what I already knew. Its great the Lord confirms things to you especially when they're big visions. Because I see myself in Europe atleast a year and often coming back! Geography has been my favorite subject since grade school. And it gives me an opportunity to find common ground with people from all over because of my knowledge and I can make small talk with anyone from anywhere.
So finding an international English speaking church in Warsaw was fitting. I told people today I love this church and feel most at home because we may be from all over but called to be here and are in common in Christ!
When I first was considering coming to Warsaw last year I found City Church online this was like last October. then my first Sunday morning, my second day I was in my Airbnb I looked it up again and I'm like that's the church omg it's a few blocks from me. I did not set that up. The Lord set it up. You don't get addresses to airbnbs until you book them and I had not looked up or thought about City Church since October!
I got more confirmation Europe is where the Lord wants me right now. Guy from Zimbabwe that had that word written down a few days ago gave me very accurate words about me. After I was giving words to people all day making friends and talking to whoever the Lord had me meet and talk to.
I would also say this is a life long adventure. If I have to leave the European region after my time on my passport expires and I don't get a visa after 3 months I can come back later. I see me coming back to European cities and countries where I make friends for years to come.
Guy from Zimbabwe said it's like I'm being woven like a strong blanket. I saw that as making connections and networking too!

Warsaw, Poland - Day Three - Going to the Drug Store and Exploring Ground Level of My High Rise

Day 3 Warsaw, Poland. I'm going to take it easy at my apartment. And really venture out tomorrow! This area is north of my building. I was going to the closest drug store called "Rossmann", they are scattered all over town. I needed contact saline/solution. You can't bring big bottles on airplanes so I had to throw away the rest of my saline. I didn't have a lot left.
I should have got it Friday night when I came or Saturday because the drug stores were closed Sunday. I have slept in my contacts 2 nights. The ones I was wearing when I came needed to be thrown out anyway. I have like a 6 month supply of disposable contacts with me. I'm glad I brought my contact lens case to the drug store. The Google translate word for saline: "solankowy" she didn't understand.
The church in the pic is literally on the north side of my building. The flags are the Poland and Warsaw flags. Poland's flag is 🇵🇱 white and red and Warsaw's flag is yellow and red striped.
For $8.63 American money equivalent at the drug store I got a medium bottle of contact saline solution. About a liter size bottle of Pepsi and 2 liter size bottles of water. Alone in the United States that contact saline/solution would cost that or maybe even $10!
How Warsaw is set up is little stores and restaurants are at the bottom of skyscrapers everywhere. There's even a small grocery convenient store and a library at the bottom ground level they call "0" in my high rise apartment.
Day 3 in Warsaw Poland. Exploring the places on the bottom of my highrise. The main drag nearby through downtown to the mall, central train station and the bus station with high rises all along it are along a street called "Jana Pawla II" Street. Today I see a plaque on the bottom of a highrise dedicated to Pope John Paul II and it says "Jana Pawla II" so now I learn the main drag I go on to central area is named after the Polish Pope when I was a kid. I remember he's from Poland.


Monday May 13th Zabka Convenience Store Bottom of My Highrise Warsaw, Poland 

Monday May13th Bottom of My Highrise Warsaw, Poland

 Monday May 13th Library Bottom of My Highrise Warsaw, Poland

Monday May 13th Library Bottom of My Highrise Warsaw, Poland 2 

Warsaw, Poland - Day Two - Going to an English Church Service and Walking Through More of Downtown


Sunday Morning From My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland 1

Sunday Morning From My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland 2

Sunday Morning From My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland 3

Sunday Morning From My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland 5

Sunday Morning From My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland 6

Today is Sunday, May 12th my second full day here. I got to visit a church I've been looking at coming to almost as long as I have been considering and praying about coming to Warsaw, Poland and Europe! It's called City Church, truly an interntional church, entirely an English service and many people were from all over the world including African and Asian countries! The pastor and his wife were gone and would be back in 2 weeks. Turns out they were from the United States and that's where they were gone to for some emergency reason. Some guy I feel bad I forget his name from Ghana, West Africa spoke. He spoke on the church and the purpose of the church. I also talked to a guy from Nigeria who has lived in Poland for 18 years quite a bit after service.

It turns out this churh I was considering visiting was only a few blocks from where I'm staying in my Airbnb. That was unintentional. You don't get an exact address to an Airbnb until after you book it. And I booked it weeks ago back in the United States and I forgot about this church and visiting it until after I got here! https://www.citychurchwarsaw.org/

The church service I was at!



Sunday May 12th City Church Warsaw, Poland 1

Sunday May 12th City Church Warsaw, Poland 2 

After service I walked another way back to my Airbnb, took some photos. I found a public fountain.


Sunday May 12th Fountain Downtown Warsaw, Poland 

Warsaw, Poland - Day One - Exploring Downtown and the Mall

Good Saturday morning from my Airbnb highrise apartment in Warsaw, Poland.

Time to explore Warsaw! This is st the bottom of my highrise apartment!

Today I got to explore Warsaw a little bit. Mostly downtown and the mall.

I was looking for a grocery store to get groceries for my Airbnb so I don't have to eat out much and save money and I love cooking! Looking on Google I found a grocery store called "Carrefour" the Express mini store was closer only like 1/2 a mile from my Airbnb I went in there and they had some items but not all that I was looking for. So, the "Carrefour" a mile from me looked like more of a mega store and I decided to go there. I reached my destination and I saw a sign for it on a big building but I didn't know what that big building was. I also reached a bus station I had to go through in order to find an entrance. It turned out the big building was a mall I got to explore. I miss how malls used to be in the USA and this mall seemed to be happening. It was already fully open at 8 and 9 am! As I stayed there, it got busier. Every storefront had an open store in it too! I really enjoyed being in there. It was a huge mall and I took many pictures and videos inside. It was surrounded by sky scrapers in downtown and the old part of Warsaw where skyscrapers were not destroyed during World War 2. I was happy I found a famous old building in downtown. Also, I found a Popeyes Chicken of all things I had my first meal at in Warsaw. I couldn't find the grocery store inside the mall, I knew it was in the basement and I eventually found it and got to get quite a few groceries in 2 bags. Their plastic bags were very thick I was not a afraid they'd break coming back. I got to walk through downtown two ways and two times and felt safe the whole time.

I got lost coming back! I went to a small restaurant to use the wifi to find my place again. Streets here have very Polish names and hard to pronounce. I took a picture of the sign of the street my apartment is on to never get lost again. 

Here are photos and videos of my experience today!

Third picture is a park across the street from my complex! Now onto the main street...

That last picture I believe is the metro (subway). in Ukrainian they call the Subway "Metro" too. I haven't been down there yet! There are several of these stations throughout downtown and they aren't an ugly eye sore!

The first picture on this row above is the outside of the mall and the last picture on this row is Polska Centralina (Poland Central) I found out is the main train station in town. The train station, bus station, a metro station and the Poland Casino are right by this mall and right across the street is the main square and old sky scrapers. I read and heard there's an area of downtown Warsaw where there are old buildings not destroyed during World War 2 and I found it! It's literally across the street from the mall, central train station, the bus station and the casino. This is all a mile from where I am staying!


The middle picture with the yellow roof above is the bus station right next to the mall!


Greg Loucks at the bus station in downtown Warsaw, Poland

Greg Loucks going into the mall in Warsaw, Poland

Outside the mall. That's the glass windows inside the mall!

Giant revolving doors into the mall on picture 4 above!

Now inside the mall...

I love that glass ceiling you can see from the 3rd (+2) and 4th (+3) floor. There are skyscrapers in downtown all around! Just like in my Airbnb ground level is considered "0". So even though I'm on the 6th floor of my highrise apartment I think I'm really on the 7th floor. This confused me my first morning Saturday morning, I pushed "1" on the elevator and I was on the second floor! I had to go back on the elevator to go to "0" ground level! In this mall it's -1 basement, 0 ground level, +1 2nd floor, +2 3rd floor and +3 a small 4th floor where some restaurants/food court and the arcade are!

Here's the sink in the mall restroom. I thought it was interesting and weird. It's motion sensitive, it turns on waving your hand underneath and infront of it. Water comes out underneath like a typical faucet. But the sides are the airblower to blowdry your hands! And the whle fixture is in the middle of the floor you can walk o several sides to clean your hands on every side!

That second picture is across a balcony I can walk to from here. Closer inside the window it says "Lego" we think of as an American company but is actually Danish believe it or not!

I decided to walk in there! The store was called "Build & Play" in English! Not translated!

I thought the bathroom stall and toilets were interesting!

Most signs in the mall that are mall related were in Polish and English!

I was surprised Poland has a lottery and this kiosk was right inside the mall


Greg Loucks inside the Warsaw, Poland Mall

Greg Loucks walking through the mall in Warsaw, Poland

Greg Loucks Going Up the Escalator in Warsaw, Poland Mall

Greg Loucks in Warsw Mall: "This Mall is Huge"

"Sweet Factory" in Warsaw Mall

"Sweet Factory" in Warsaw, Poland Mall, Sign "We Make Life Sweet"

"Popeyes Louisiana Chicken" in Warsaw, Poland

Eating at "Popeyes Chicken" in Warsaw, Poland 2

"Candy Pop" Candy Store in Warsaw, Poland

Ordering from the Popeye's Chicken Kiosk at the Warsaw Mall

Ordering from the "Popeyes Chicken" kiosk in Warsaw, Poland 2

Eating at "Popeyes Chicken" in Warsaw, Poland

How Big The Warsaw Mall Is!

How Big the Warsaw Mall is 2

Quite a Few American Companies in the Warsaw Mall

Big Electronics Store in Warsaw Mall

Home and You in Warsaw Mall 

Poland is a Slavic Country Like Ukraine

Going Up to the 4th Floor in the Warsaw Mall

KFC and Subway in Warsaw Mall

Arcade in Warsaw Mall

Glass Roof/Ceiling Warsaw Mall

Berlin Restaurant in Warsaw Mall

I Really Like the Warsaw Mall

Arcade Right by McDonalds Warsaw Mall

"We Run Warsaw", Warsaw Mall

Home Store in Warsaw Mall

New Balance Store Warsaw Mall

Polish Shoe Store Warsaw Mall

Lego Toy Store Warsaw Mall

Build & Play Toy Store Warsaw Mall

Mall is in Downtown Warsaw, Poland

English Signs in Warsaw Mall

T-Mobile Store Warsaw Mall

H&M Warsaw Mall

Medicine Clothing Store Warsaw Mall

Can You Guys Guess What Store is in the Warsaw Mall?

Levi's Store Warsaw Mall

Bookstore Warsaw Mall

Sephore Store Warsaw Mall

Victoria's Secret Warsaw Mall

English Sign Warsaw Mall

Photo Booth Warsaw Mall

Glasses Store Warsaw Mall

Bath & Body Works Warsaw Mall

Pharmacy (Apteka) Warsaw Mall

Revolving Doors Warsaw Mall

Just outside the mall!

I knew what a famous bulding in Warsaw looked like. One of the old buildings that remained standing in a small area of downtown where pre-World War 2 buildings remained standing! (Alot of downtown was destroyed, so most of downtown Warsaw is more modern but I knew there was this area of downtown and this building that was never destroyed during World War 2! And I couldn't believe when I stepped outside of another exit of the mall there it was.

The reality of where I was finally sunk in! Because Warsaw is mostly a modern city I felt like I was in the United States in a lot of ways other than the language barrier!


Famous Warsaw Building Warsaw Poland

Old Buildings Downtown Warsaw, Poland

Famous Square/Building Downtown Warsaw, Poland 

Parking Garage Warsaw Mall

Outside Warsaw Mall

Hardrock Cafe Warsaw Mall

Big Skyscraper Outside Warsaw Mall

Outside Warsaw Mall 3

Outside Warsaw Mall 4

Warsaw Mall Revolving Doors

Glass Ceiling Window Warsaw Mall

Bus Station Outside Warsaw Mall

Below Ground Warsaw Mall 1

Below Ground Warsaw Mall 2

Outide the mall on the otherside where I came from!

Poland Central Station (foreground) right next to the bus station and mall!


Square Downtown Warsaw, Poland


Bus Station Outside Warsaw Mall

Train Station Warsaw, Poland

Casino, Train Station, Bus Station, Mall - Warsaw Poland

Above: more the side of the mall I came from heading back to my Airbnb!


Downtown Warsaw, Poland 1

Downtown Warsaw, Poland 2

Downtown Warsaw, Poland 3

Downtown Warsaw, Poland 4


Park Outside My Airbnb Warsaw, Poland

My Airbnb Highrise Warsaw, Poland

Park Outside My Airbnb Highrise Warsaw, Poland

Westin Hotel Outside My Airbnb Highrise


I believe that third picture above is to the "Metro" (Subway) too!


Crosswalk Warsaw, Poland 1

Sidewalk Warsaw, Poland 1

Sidewalk Warsaw, Poland 2

Tram Warsaw, Poland

Crosswalk Warsaw, Poland 2

Crosswalk Warsaw, Poland 3

Crosswalk Warsaw, Poland 4

Organic Market Warsaw, Poland 1

Organic Market Warsaw, Poland 2

Barbershop Downtown Warsaw, Poland

Subway Tunnel Downtown Warsaw, Poland

Grocery Store Warsaw, Poland 1

I found the grocery store and most of it was self checkout! Not easy when it's in Polish! lol

Arrived in Warsaw, Poland!

Well I made it to Warsaw, Poland. I have been traveling for 25 hours and I'm exhausted!

I took an Uber from the airport to my Airbnb. Polish money is only a quarter of the cost of USA money so what looked like a more expensive Uber ride was only $12! I couldn't believe there was a Circle K between the airport and my Airbnb. 

Here I am! I'm going to crash and not even worry about food until tomorrow!


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